football shoe818
the running shoe 818

Sketch of implanted artificial muscles

artificial muscle

Artificial muscle material in development © Stanford University

Sketch of future scenario: preparing an artificial muscle for surgery

The future of footwear

Greek mythology “strength”

KRATOS  2071


The future of footwear is inside the foot. This speculative project explores the possibilities of artificial muscle implants.

Imagine a future where major footwear brands do not sell stock shoes anymore but personalise them in clinics. They become experts in surgery where autonomous robot arms implant artificial muscles to support an athlete’s foot. The new material is extraordinarily stretchy and has remarkable self-healing characteristics at room temperature. It responds to pressure and movement created while running, puffing up to provide extra cushioning when required and loosening up when taking a break.

What will the Olympics look like when we can augment bodies with more muscles?

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